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Banned SNL Video

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 2008 Presidential Campaign, bad mortgages No Comments

MSM hammering home the issues

Yesterday’s big news was earth shattering.

-Sarah Palin spends too much on wardrobe – $150,000.  My comment, how does that stack up against $150,000,000 election campaign contributions raised and will be spent per month by Obama.

-Joe Biden just cannot get anything right.  He really is in a spot.  When he tells the truth – Obama has no foreign affairs experience and might be taken advantage of by foreign governments after his election – he gets attacked by the media.  When he spins out of control on an unfamiliar topic – like the duties of the VP during the Palin debate – he just spins some fantasy that sounds good – Cheney grabbing more power, everyone loves to hate Cheney.  Poor Joe, go hide in Delaware with your friends.

The World economy is reacting very poorly to this subprime mortgage crisis and seems to be heading into a severe recession.  Oil prices are crashing with the economy and now OPEC talks about cutting back on production.  Talk about someone get to eat their cake and keep it too.  When demand is strong OPEC believes in letting the price ride with full elasticity.  When demand is poor, OPEC wants to artificially manipulate supply to prop up the price.  Amazing.

Neither candidate has a good solution for our economic woes so MSM focuses on the campaign bickering.  This really isn’t a criticism of either candidate.  The economic issues are very complex and one might even blame our current ‘immediate gratification’ mindset for most of the problems.

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Who Is Buying This Election?

If the Republicans were spending the kind of money that the Obama campaign is spending, the MSM would be screaming that the election was a fraud.  They would claim that the Republicans bought the election with voter registration activity and TV and other media spending.

With Obama and the Democrats blessed with amazing contributions, no one wants to talk about this.  In recent elections, the Presidential candidates chose to limit the campaign expenses.  Obama chose to use his own funds thereby bypassing any limit.

Why does no one see this as an issue?  If the roles were reversed, the MSM would be all over it.

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Monday, October 20th, 2008 2008 Presidential Campaign 1 Comment

Powell Has A Short Memory

Where was Colin Powell when Obama’s campaign was maligning Mrs. McCain for drug dependency?  If this is not the definition of a personal attack, then I do not know what is.  Check above the fold in MSM newspapers about 2 months ago.

This is so typical of the liberal/Democratic campaign strategy.

Make you personal attacks first, then complain when there is a personal attack response.  It is just like the high school.  Do it first, the injured person reacting is always the one punished.  This type of behavior should embarrass all parties involved.  The Democrats for starting it.  The Republicans for replying in kind.  Worst of all is Powell for weighing in late with blinders on.

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Just how far is it?

The distance from Siberia to Alaska is approximately 125 miles.
The Democrats and MSM have made hay with Palin’s comment
about Russia out her back window for weeks now.
The distance from Cuba to Key West is approximately 94 miles.
JFK almost started WW3 over that distance.
I guess it is all about size, 31 miles is a long way if you are a
member of the MSM looking for a reason to justify a personal
I was only about 14 then and I do not remember any personal
attacks on JFK by the MSM because he was inexperienced or
short-sighted.  I do not remember any sarcastic comments
demeaning his character and judgment.  When I search for
information now I cannot find comments in history books or
archives which demean JFK because he thought that missiles
in Cuba were too close to the USA.
I do not live in Washington or NYC so I guess I just cannot
understand this high level issues.  Kind of reminds me of
high school when the incrowd said something and everyone
just nodded and believed them, well not everyone.

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Who Will Be Obama’s Foreign Policy GoTo Guy?

I have come to the conclusion that Senator Biden has not demonstrated the ability to understand foreign affairs.  His ongoing list of gaffes brings the public inadequacy of another VP to mind, Dan Quayle.  The MSM and liberals of the land still use Quayle as their goat and showed no mercy during his time as VP. Biden’s latest foreign affairs gaffe is discussed here:

Why are they being so nice to Senator Biden.  He established his credentials back in the Presidential primary campaigns of 1988.  He has a problem staying within reach of the truth.  When he is confronted by opposition he tends to drift from the truth.  When in stressful situations he resorts to out and out fantasy as his solution to missing facts or knowledge.  A man with so many years of public service should have a better grasp of what is a permissible stretch of the truth, a la political spiel, and what is unacceptable and easily demonstrated as either a lie or fantasy.

What truly amazes me is his condescending and patronizing attitude to his opposition whether it is a moderator, Governor Palin or a reporter.  “I am me, I know everything, you are just a young woman” attitude drives me insane.  It just gets worse from there when a significant portion of the time he is not correct.

If Senator Biden is unacceptable as the foreign affairs adviser, then who will be?

Let’s look at Senator Obama’s mentor list:

Our list so far, is a black supremacist minister, an unrepentant ex-Weatherman terrorist, a racketeer, and an extremely powerful Islamic black leader.

I assume that Senator Obama has other advisers who are not so politically polarizing.  But what I must ask, if this list is an example of his ability to judge his associates and their effect on all America, then what will his cabinet look like?

Now I understand that the Democratic Party is incensed by the fact that President Bush somehow emerged victorious from the 2000 and 2004 elections.  They are totally focused on returning the Oval Office.  If the path to that victory was through a black candidate, perhaps they should have searched harder.

In my opinion, this is going to be an embarrassment for the Democrats.  Without giving value or truth to any of these issues, what if after the election, the MSM turns on their beloved Obama and actual does some investigative reporting?  What if after the election, they find that…

-he was actually born in Kenya and therefore is not a naturally born U.S. citizen and accordingly not eligible to run for the Presidency.

-he actually was a practicing Muslim until he met his wife Michelle.  He converted to Christianity for political reasons both from a religion PR viewpoint and also the black power base of Reverend Wright.

-he actually is a Marxist or at least a socialist and begins to dismantle the American experiment as we know it – a capitalist economic system.

-he is actually 50% white, 25% black and 25% Arab.

I could continue this list but the point I am trying to make is none of these issues are in themselves necessarily negative except the citizenship issue.  What is inexplicable to me is the lack of transparency.  Every time something is investigated, there are issues – photo shop fraud of documents, religious affiliation issues, experience issues, conflicting answers.

The one issue no one seems to focus on is my favorite:  why has he never really faced opposition in any election except when he ran against a former Black Panther and was soundly defeated?  Each of the remaining contests both on a primary level and actual elections, his opposition has withdrawn or at best put up marginal resistance.  Just lucky I guess.

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