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Enough Already Again

Yahoo outdid themselves December 8 2008.  The previous post talks about Obama and smoking which was the first Yahoo item.  I did not dig into the item but now I cannot resist.  Where was our great investigative reporting during the last 12 months.  I guess the great left media decided that the fact that Obama was a smoking and had lied about quitting would not serve him well on the campaign trail.  But Palin’s makeup and clothes are worthy of numerous front page exposees.  Enough already.

But what has really set me off today is the follow up.  While the great left media is explaining how smoking and lying about it is not really so bad a thing, the next item is to ridicule President Bush for his physical fitness regimen.  At the same time the fitness of the Obamas is referenced and Obama’s physical fitness activities are praised.  How can a senior citizen be criticized for his efforts at good health while a 47 year old smoking and plays some BB to the praises of all?  Enough already.

When the real media decides to show up and start writing something that resembles the unbiased truth please let me know so that I can start paying attention again.

Oh, by the way, this fairness doctrine which is being used to threaten talk radio must be the most ridiculous concept discussed by our congress in a long time.  Who is going to be the judge of fairness?  After the last 12 month session of BS on the anti-Bush, pro-Obama trail, can anything be more bias.  Yes.  Rush Limbaugh.  But the people love Rush.  Wait a minute.  Supply and Demand.  Isn’t that what our whole economy is based on?  Let’s not muddle up a great issue like ‘fairness’ with some opposing viewpoints.  Wait a minute, isn’t that what the fairness doctrine is all about?  I’m confused.  I think I just met myself coming in the out door.

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Enough Already

Yesterday Yahoo News ran a story about President Elect Obama and his inability to quit smoking.  The story was was remarkable except that it is just another instance of Obama equivocating …

  1. Are you a Muslim or not, I don’t care but stop the deceptive behavior and possible lying.  How can you know the morning prayer (on key) for the NY Times in the fall of 2007 and not have some Muslim background.  This is not a bad thing.  It was a chance to really be change and hope.  A breath of fresh air, some transparent honesty.  What rational being can attack a person for his religious education pre puberty?  It’s the deception and lying or at least misrepresenting that is disheartening.
  2. Are you a Marxist or a socialist?  Did you not associate strongly with Marxist when in your 20’s both in LA and NY city.  Do you not know William Ayres and more importantly his wife Bernadine Dohrn?  Was you wife Michelle in contact with Dohrn during her time at the law firm of Sidley Austin in Chicago?  There is nothing especially bad about these items, what we need is some transparent facts without the purposeful deception.
  3. Why are so many people questioning your citizenship and place of birth.  Were you born in Kenya or Hawaii?  Stop the half truths with some real truth with the associated proof and explanation.

The list goes on but pretty soon you come to the conclusion that Obama speaks with forked tongue.  So stop with the change and hope theme.  Go with the same old politics and politicians theme.  This guy even is a covert smoker for crying out loud.  Stop with all the idealistic crap and let’s see if he can deliver on any of his campaign promises.

I am very disappointed.  Ferguson of very late night TV had it right early in the game.  Obama and his ads, hope … , change … , … vague …

I just wish he would either be quiet or tell the truth at least until he is President.

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