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The Art of Bowing

First – our President is helping out the janitorial staff by picking up something from the floor in front of the King of Saudi Arabia.
Next time around – the White House suggests that our President is bending over to make a two handed handshake with the King of Saudi Arabia.
When video angles show this is not true, the White House asks – why this is important?
What it looks like to everyone who has seen the video and all of those attending the conference is … President Obama bowed to the King and kissed his ring.
As both the King and our President are Heads of State, neither should be bowing or kissing rings.
This is not the end of the world if our politicians would just fess up and be transparent (careful now that word is only allowed during campaigns and as it applies to President Bush or other Republican and their activities.)
The shame is that our White House does not do its home work. Approximately a year ago, the King suggested that bowing and kissing of rings should be reserved for God not mortals. I am only guessing but I suggest that was a shot at the Pope…
Then does President Obama believe that the King of Saudi Arabia is God? Or is this just another pothole in the road of governing – wasn’t campaigning so much easier?

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