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Go Home Reid

I apologize.  I must comment on the Harry Reid situation.  If this was anyone from the centre to the Right, then we all know that Al Sharpton etc. would be screaming from the rooftops for their heads.

If the Left want to play the game on such an uneven playing field, then I do wish they would stop all the bellyaching when things don’t go their way.  As the media spin is about 5 to 1, perhaps 10 to 1 in their favor, they do not have a reason to complain very often.

Bottom line is Reid and his high speed train from LA to Lost Wages need to retire.  Now.  In quiet or loud disgrace.  Left choses.

I was no great fan on Trent Lott but his relatively harmless comment about what happened in 1948 seems pretty tame compared to light skinned this and negro lingo that.


Oh before I forget, Leader of the Senate is kinda a big political position, you think.  He probably needs to visit abroad and speech for the country on a regular basis.  At least he needs to make promises to major players in our economy and government.  How does he make a poor choice of words when describing the next President of the USA.  Is this too light a subject for him to put it into overdrive and actually think before he opens his mouth.

Most of us can get away with misspeaks and poor choice of words.  When it is the Cabinet and the leader of the Senate and the President, isn’t time we elected people who thought it through before they opened their pie hole.

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Hillary Has The Solution

Heard today on the radio that Hillary has the solution.  She was assuring us that the money we will provide to Haiti will reach the victims of the earthquate.  Understand that her comment came almost without context.  She said that they had the means to track down all of the funds and where they went and she was assuring us that the money would only go where it was needed.

What is this magic system?  Hillary please apply it to our federal budget.

With all the waste and fraud revealed and remedied in the federal budget, our deficit will disappear in a puff of smoke and Obama will once again be THE ONE…

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