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America Industry On Slippery Slope

The free market economy covets a stable predictable environment with a minimal government interference in the form of regulation, taxes or ‘competition’.

Often this is contested by socialist thinking such as the current administration in Washington today, February 16 2010.  This results in more regulations, ‘competition’ to keep private industry ‘honest’, and more taxes – initially for the rich and eventually for all to sustain the debt required to maintain the government presence in industry and socialist entitlements which guarantee socialist popularity.

Since the 2008 campaign we have been promised a better economy through ‘green jobs’.  After the election, a stimulus package was passed which included many ‘green job’ items.

Here is a review of this type of ‘green job’ strategy by George Will as presented in Real Clear Politics:

George does a pretty good job of summarizing the situation.  The only thing he left off is nuclear energy programs which are not green.  I mention this because France is head and shoulders the leader in this area of power production.  Isn’t France always opposing our use of fossil fuels and trying to encourage us to use wind and solar power?  Why isn’t France concentrating on wind and solar power?

Bring on Obama and campaign promises of a new world with new ‘green jobs’ for all which are planet friendly and make all of us more fulfilled etc. etc.  He may or may not believe this political tripe but here is reality.  Upon election a stimulus bill was passed which included significant funds for ‘green energy’ projects.  You know, the ones which will create those beloved ‘green jobs’ that are bankrupting Spain just now.  Here is a story from WSB  in Atlanta:

This story reveals that we are spending the stimulus money on Spanish technology and hardware.  We either do not know how to build wind turbines or we do not have time to develop efficient ones.  Doesn’t a company do this in the USA – GE perhaps.  You know, like the Spanish ones which are not providing economically justifiable levels of power for Spain while bankrupting the Spanish treasury by creating green jobs at a cost of $800,000 each.  Only a socialist government would campaign for doing something that it turns out we cannot do and upon further investigation we find out that no one can do…  Furthermore, have you ever talked to any0ne who lives near one of these wind farms.  Perhaps we should build project housing out there.  I assure the land will be cheap.

Finally here is an example of the death knell being rung by Obama and his Marxist/Socialist/DoGooders whatever…

Just another example of American ingenuity being forced out of existence by punitive government policy and attitude.

One last note, the trigger for this article, Organizing for America – Obama’s money and people raising email organization – recently brags …

“In just the last 3 days, OFA volunteers like you have pledged an incredible 4,000,000 (and counting!) hours to support members of Congress and candidates who fight for real health reform…” The lack of self thought and common sense among the American people is very disappointing.  What is truly disheartening is the following:  why can no one see the truth about Obama and his administration?  Why can no one see the slippery slope they are leading this country down.

Whenever you want to answer the last question, here is what you can do.  Keep a pad and pencil next to you where you watch the nightly news.  Every time you hear a story about the current administration – good or bad – make a note.  In the note grade the story on the level of criticism or praise of the current administration.  Also note if either the Republicans or George Bush are mentioned in a negative manner.  Whenever possible recall similar situations that George Bush endured during his 8 years and the treatment he received from the media.

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