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Profiling in our public school system

Obama and Arnie put their heads together and decided that something needed to be done.  Minorities, especially blacks, have been punished within the public school system disproportionately.  Meaning that when the public school system is meting out discipline, the percentage of black students enrolled is far less than the percentage of black students who receive discipline.

I have no idea if that is true.  Intuitively I would agree.  But that is not my point.  What happened to all the anti profiling liberal outrage.

Is it OK to profile our public school students to ensure that racially proportional discipline is applied?

What happened to no profiling at airports or border crossings?

Gee I guess a different ox is being gored.

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NPR fires liberal veteran Williams

NPR just fired Juan Williams. Another win for Muslims. I do not agree with Mr. Williams 98 times out of 100. He has a socialist mindset. He has ‘we must get even black mindset’. But only an idiot would not use caution when an obvious middle eastern individual is using a commercial airline. If I was in line I would opt for a different flight if at all possible.

I also do not draw to inside straights. I do not play the lottery. It is just Math. Certainly the majority of Muslims are fine upstanding moral individuals. Unfortunately just about every military conflict in the world currently involves Muslims. Unfortunately almost every terrorist activity in the world involves Muslims.

It is just MATH. When the ‘real’ Muslims have enough courage to stand up and be counted against their idiotic brethren, then perhaps all this outrage would be justified.

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