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Alternative to ObamaCare – Free Medical Clinics

There are some free or inexpensive medical clinics in some of the major metropolitan centers.  Not nearly enough.  They are financed by charities or churches.  With President Obama spending trillions on health care, why is this not a central issue?

Most of the egregious aspects of the US health care system would be solved by a sensible, effective system of municipal medical clinics.

The first criticism of all clinics is that they only get the bad or inexperienced doctors.  That is true.  Consider these solutions:

Define medical personnel as doctors, nurses, medical technicians etc.

New Medical Personnel  – Pay rate range should be from twice the minimum wage to four times the minimum wage.  No interest or principal due on student loans during full time service at the clinic.  At the end of full time service, student loan principal reduced by the amount of pay received while employed by the clinic.

Experienced Medical Personnel – Zero salary, only tax benefits and student loan benefits.  Compensation calculated on a basis of 200 work days per year.  Use income tax paid last year divided by 200 as the daily compensation rate realized as a federal tax credit.  For example, if a doctor paid $50,000 in federal income tax last year, then his daily rate would be a $250 federal tax credit per day worked at the clinic.  Furthermore, student loan principal would be reduced yearly by the total amount of compensation received from the clinic by the doctor during that year. Furthermore, as long as a doctor worked at the clinic 20 days a year, then all student loan interest would be suspended for that year.

The poor performance of the economy provides a window of opportunity with regard physical facilities.  There are many vacant buildings which are fully functional as offices in all metropolitan centers.  Some of these are in foreclosure, some are available at severely discounted leases or purchase prices.  The medical equipment necessary should be available at very attractive pricing.  But we cannot allow the federal government to do the facility or equipment procurement.

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There Oughta Be A Law

That expression has been used too many times.

Our legal code is completely !?#.

Contradictions and duplications abound.  No one has time to delete outdated laws, statutes and regulations.  It is a complete mess.  Our system of law by precedent not only by our specific choice, but also by  necessity because of the volume of laws and regulations currently somewhere on the municipal, county, state or federal books.  I do not even what to think about the international aspects.

The last couple of graduating law classes have not enjoyed the same placement success as previous classes.  Accordingly, there are some underutilized first and second year graduates in our society.  I recently encountered a very bright law graduate at the INS while attaining my US citizenship.

What I propose is that we utilize these legal manpower resources.  Teams of these graduates could be organized to start reviewing the legal code with the main purpose being the identification of redundant, contradictory or confusing laws, statutes or regulations.  This probably should be supervised by the US Supreme Court.  Which should delegate to the State Supreme Courts.  Which should delegate to the County Courts.

We should structure the investigating teams in groups of 3.  Each or the three reviewing the same material.  There should be parallel teams of 3.  One identified as Republican or conservative, the other identified as Democrat or liberal.

The pay rate should be twice the minimum wage.  The sweeteners should be that no student loan payments are due during this service AND the student loan is reduced by the same amount as the gross pay received during this service.

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Mandatory Service After Highschool

Switzerland and Israel required military service from their citizens.

Our government schools and nanny state federal government are not preparing our youth for the realities of life.  Perhaps two years of service would help our youth appreciate what we have and how important our freedom really is.  At the same time perhaps they will get in better physical condition, understand self defense with and without weapons, appreciate teamwork etc.  Consider the following:

The service should start 2 weeks after graduation from high school.  If high school graduation is not in the youth’s immediate future, then the service should begin on his or her 18th birthday.

The service should begin with basic training as currently conducted by the army.  The starting pay rate will be the minimum wage with room, meals and clothing provided.  After completion of basic training, the inductees will be utilized as needed by the city, county, state or federal government for local or national community projects.  An example would be park maintenance.

The term of the service should be 2 years.  After completion of the two year term there will be options for careers in the civilian or armed forces.  After completion of the two year term, they graduates will receive:

-voter registration identification, US passport if American citizens, military service identification allowing px privileges, access to health insurance at a discounted rate and other similar rewards.

Also consider the possibility that these graduates could be phased into the National Guard.  A National Guard will not only maintained their military skills but also contributes to the local community by helping with projects such as park maintenance, litter clean up, demolition abandoned buildings etc.

To create this training system for our youth, the mandatory systems in Israel and Switzerland should be investigated for both their strengths and their weaknesses.  There will be individuals who rightly will be excused from this training for health or similar reasons.  Again let’s not reinvent the wheel, look to see how the Swiss and Israelis handle the inherent problems associated with required service.

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Stimulus Projects

We have all heard about some of the ridiculous projects which were part of the almost one trillion dollar stimulus package in 2009.  Despite all the claims of shovel ready ideas, very little immediate action occurred and very few jobs were created.  In fact we were recently informed that there is no such thing as a shovel ready job by our illustrious leader.

I dearly hope that we do not go down the federal stimulus path again.  But knowing the spend-crazy mindset of Democrats and the lack of backbone of Republicans … here are some suggestions which are at least worth consideration:

1) wifi the whole country, then everyone would have the ability to have high speed internet and access to shopping, news and information.

2) provide electronic voting machines for every voting parish in the country.  Side note – Is it not remarkable that as soon as the electronic voting machines were installed in Georgia that Republicans starting having some success at the polls?  Yes electronic voting can be subject to fraud, but it is more easily secured than hanging chads and missing ballot boxes.  It is certainly more secure than New Orleans or Chicago precincts both with high percentages of dead citizens on voting lists.

3)cancel the virtual fence project.  What idiot proposed that waste of money?  Did no one ever look at the actual geography, flora and fauna of our southwestern border?  Perhaps there might be a few improving ideas on the following, but build a chain link fence as follows:

***two 12 foot high fences

***50 foot dead zone between the two fences

***ask Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona what is an effective way to patrol the fence and what manpower would get the job done.

***have a fence repair crew on standby for weather damage, wildlife damage, and illegal alien damage.

***post signs on southern fence that say:   Persons found in the dead zone will at a minimum be arrested and returned and any resistance will be met with deadly force.  Another sign would say:  Dead zone is patrolled by attack animals, anyone harming an attack animal will be subject to arrest and return, any resistance will be met with deadly force.  Signs should be in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

***every 50 miles (or less) there should be a crossing area where legal immigrants are processed.

***do not use large construction equipment except where absolutely necessary.  This is a double edged sword.  Build a fence, create jobs.

And several others including:  free medical clinics in all metropolitan areas of 500,000 or more, bike lanes and sidewalks on all new suburban and city road construction, stock more game fish in more lakes, raze abandoned buildings in downtown areas of big cities and replacement with parks or playgrounds.

Isn’t it amazing how many wonderful things could be done with a trillion dollars?  Who did they ask for the their list?

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Two Rotten Financial Apples

There are two things wrong with the economic structure in the United States.  The two major organizations have the mandate to ‘adjust’ factors which effect the US economy in the effort to maintain stability,  prosperity and growth of the US economy.

The first is the Federal Reserve Board.  A previous post details the ‘quantitative easing’ strategy.  This has been a complete failure.  As the previous post suggests, it seems that almost everything that the FED does is ineffectual at best and more likely disastrous.  I have no idea how much money Goldman Sachs makes selling Treasury bills to the FED, but how can this continue?  Is the purpose of the FED to enrich those at Goldman Sachs, I hope not.  Then FIX it.

The second is the Treasury Department of the Federal Government.  Currently the banks are allowed to ‘borrow’ money from the Treasury at almost 0% if not 0%.  The banks are not restricted from using these funds to buy US Treasury bills which yield much higher than 0%.  Guaranteed money for the banks.  Now the point of making these funds available to the banks is to ensure liquidity and to assist in the commercial flow of funds by making loans available to business etc.  Is Congress really this stupid?  Bankers are not famous for their largesse or charity.  Why would they take a risk when they can guarantee a profit?  My only answer is by charging a very high interest rate and loaning only to businesses which are overly secure.  Are those two actions why the Treasury makes the funds available?  I hope not.  Then FIX it.

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Democrats Love Europe

Several months ago Greece experienced very harsh economic realities.  Because of the common currency used in Europe, the rest of Europe felt the ripples of the Greek difficulties. Later it was Spain, Portugal and Italy.  Now it is Ireland. Basically, the welfare estate in Greece has grown beyond the ability of the Greek economy to support it.  The story is pretty much the same throughout Europe.  With paid holidays, paid retirement, paid health care, paid education for everyone, … the general population has lost its motivation to work at all.  Plus they are so entrenched in the welfare estate that it is now a right not a privilege.

What is amazing is that the Greek population is angry with their government for this predicament.  The government gives the people what they want.  Government cannot pay for all of it and eventually goes broke.  People do not support cut backs on their paid holidays, paid retirement, paid health care, paid education for everyone, …  Welcome to nanny state land.  Accountability has been erased from their dictionary.

By the way, if Greece and most of the European countries has such ideal living conditions, then why is the net population movement from Europe to the USA?

The Democrats love Europe.  Obama loves Europe.  His changes for the USA are toward the European model for society. I have a suggestion for Obama and his Democrats – emigrate to Europe.  Stop trying to change the very fabric of our country.

Does any understand the Napoleonic Code?  Something about guilty until proven innocent I think …?  We should try that one with our Congressmen and Senators.

If you love the European model, then be my guest.  File papers.  Move to Europe.  I wish you only prosperity and good luck in your new home.

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