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Consider the following:

Iran has funded President Karsai for many years per the Washington Post.

When South Africa operated as an apartheid, World political opinion demanded that reforms be instituted.  Some have, more will be.  Why is it that Islamic nations operating under Shariah law do not suffer under the same World political opinion pressure?  Is gender equality less worthy a cause than color/race equality?  Last summer Canadian newspapers were questioning the involvement of the Canadian military through NATO in Afghanistan.  The reason was Shariah law and the practice of punishing disrespectful wives with divorce and acid washing of faces.

The Afghans defeated the USSR with some help from the Saudi and the USA according to Charlie Wilson’s War.

The poppy crop is a significant if not dominant piece of the domestic national product of Afghanistan.

Friendly fire kills 9 in Afghanistan.

There is no oil in Afghanistan.

Islamic unrest is rampant in the Middle East including:

Why are we in Afghanistan?



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Australia please please be careful

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CNN interview of exCIA re Libya

This “expert” is definitely outspoken, but what would you expect from an ex CIA counterintelligence analyst – Michael Scheuer.

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