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Jeep lies by Romney

I want to be a fly on the wall when the Jeeps start moving from the Chinese Chrysler factory across the mighty Pacific and offload on our left coast.  When did we start believing the Chinese?  Does it really matter what the subject is?  Italy is so broke right now they will do and say anything just to keep the Germans from finding out just how broke they really are.  Accordingly, do you think they are going to admit that Fiat/Chrysler is doing anything in China which might upset the USA?

I cannot believe the naive outrage.  I drive by the Toledo Ohio Jeep plant twice every year in July.  I saw Chrysler destroy the old plant.  I saw them build the new one.  I have watched for the last 4 years while production is at minimum or dead stop during our drive by both north and south.


The biggest lie of any campaign is anything to do with a Democrat cutting expenses.  Anything.

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