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Do Your Job Senator Reid

If you are a waiter, then you wait tables, it’s your job.  If you are a cab driver, then you drive a cab, it’s your job.  If you are a tax accountant, then you do tax returns, it’s your job.  If you are a fire fighter, then you fight fires, it’s your job.  If you are a teacher, then you teach students, it’s your job.  If you are a day trader, then you trade stocks daily, it’s your job.  Do you get the theme?

Senator Reid, please do your job.  Your are a disgrace to the job you currently hold.  Your delaying strategy with regard to the national budget is transparent and embarrassing.

A budget is proposed by a family, by a business, by a country, so that the performance of the entity can be measured against its plans and expectations.  Adjustments can be made mid budget periods if there are emergencies or significant variances from either revenues or expenses.  If I budget $300 per month as a car payment for my car and then I spend $600 per month on a car for myself, then my wife will likely want an explanation.  She not only will want an explanation, she will likely demand it.  Furthermore, she deserves an explanation.  That is how we in the rational world function.  Accountability.

In the dysfunctional world of politics as authored by Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate, a budget is not necessary.  No measuring stick is required.  Democratic Senators do not need a throttle on their spending behaviour.  Not in the world of the Democrats.

It is embarrassing that the media of this country allow Harry Reid to escape ridicule and embarrassment on a daily basis.  It is almost 4 years since we have had a national budget.  What are the Democrats hiding?  What excesses are being hidden by this lack of accountability?

As someone smarter than me asked “Would you run your own family expenses this way?”

Stop giving the Democrats a Hall Pass MSM.

They won’t pass the budgets from the President.  They won’t pass the budgets from Congress, even when they held a majority in the Congress.  They won’t propose and pass a budget themselves.  Is this a new spin on filibuster?




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Follow the Money

Inside the monolith of the Federal government is the ATF.  The alphabet soup decodes as Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Our education in front of the television has revealed that the Alcohol section of this department prevents the private sale of alcohol between individuals without the appropriate government excise taxes, stamps, regulations, permits whatever.  The Gmen want their money.  The Tobacco section is getting more active of late as the price of cigarettes sky rockets.  The black market for tobacco products is exploding.  Again the Gmen want their money and they are becoming very active in the pursuit of tobacco black market activities.

The third section of the triumvirate historically has not been as productive from a profit center point of view.  On a side note, it seems we are not embracing the true spirit of marketing and are busy giving our guns to Mexican drug cartels.  If only we had sold them, then maybe ‘fast and furious’ would have been less fast and furious.  Aside from that, the F in ATF has a second at bat.

The tragedy at Sandy Hook school in Newtown Connecticut has caused a revisiting of gun banning, gun registration, gun training, gun whatever discussion.  What if – The ATF took over the registration of all guns by completing the background checks and issuing gun licenses for every gun in the USA.  For this service they could charge a small initial fee.  Marketers know that recurring payments are the best source of revenue.  The yearly license would require an annual fee and at the same time would require that a gun owner maintain a current address with the ATF.

This would only be effective if the punishment for possession of an unregistered and unlicensed gun is severe involving both heavy fines and lengthy prisons stays.  Also the prosecution of ‘gun’ crimes should be expedited by the courts as a special situation.   Guilt is not an issue here.  Either you have a gun or you do not.  Either you have registered the gun or you have not.  No lawyers needed, just a magistrate.  I am certain that there are special circumstances and the magistrate will have the common sense and power to act justly.

There are several reasons to shy away from granting this type of power to the ATF.  Without getting into the Constitution and Johnny’s rite to hunt on the farm etc.  This would give the ATF a database of all the legal gun owners.  If the ATF wanted to coerce the public in some manner, then they would know who to worry about as far as the public pushing back was concerned.

The next reason is a little more cynical.  For years 100 percent of the states and the federal government considered marijuana illegal.  The punishment varied widely between states.  A significant percentage of the population ignored the state and federal laws and used marijuana recreationally.  Recently, some states have legalized this activity.  The federal government is hesitating.  A serious states’ rights issue is brewing.  I believe a very serious states’ rights issue will explode if any branch of the federal government tries to force all the states to comply with restrictive gun ownership legislation.  Already the cry has been logically and legitimately raised that CRIMINALS will not register their guns.  The police are often outgunned in confrontation situations.  Personal protection issues as the police cannot protect individual homeowners and business owners in timely matter.  There are many more just arguments against the institution of gun ownership limiting laws.

Somehow the American public can find time to register cars which are bought privately.  This is happening even with minimal punishment for noncompliance.  Maybe the solution is an expansion of the existing practice of registration and background checking.  This combined with swift and severe fines and imprisonment for noncompliance would address the majority of complaints from all sides.  As usual no one will be happy but everyone will get something.

From the police enforcement point of view, I would think that there would outright joy.  No more wondering if someone with an illegal gun will just get the turnstile treatment by the courts and be back out on the street shooting at someone else next week.




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