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Obamacare Police Actions

A long time ago Nancy Pelosi exhorted Congress to vote and pass Obamacare and read it later.  Congress did.  With the health care system becoming active in 2014, people are starting to read it.   Oops.

The first police action associated with Obamacare is the use of the IRS to police our income levels to ensure that we are signed up for the correct level of health care with an eligible provider of health care insurance and paying accordingly.  Associated with this action are the fines imposed if we do not follow the rules.

The second police action associated with Obamacare is the use of some ‘healthcare quasi professional’ bureaucracy to ensure that we are not only signed up with Obamacare but have signed up for a ‘wellness program’.  This program is designed to advise us which activities are best to maintain good health.  This includes diet, exercise, health maintenance medication etc.  It will include biometrics on file with this bureaucracy.  Associated with this action are higher health insurance premiums if we do not meet health care standards and/or follow a wellness program to achieve health care standards.

In case you have missed some of the latest news, the IRS is currently under investigation for profiling political groups which disagree with the current administration.  After selecting this group of ‘threats’, the IRS is auditing tax returns, harassing non profit applicants and delaying the actions of non profit applications for ‘dissidents’.

In case you have missed some more news, the health secretary is currently acting as a bagman for the administration collecting ‘donations’ from health care companies and health care insurance companies to help ease the transition from private health insurance into obamacare.  Does this sound a little bit like extortion?   No doubt this ‘lady’, and I use the term loosely, will be involved in selecting the civil servants who will operate obamacare.  Her current activity frightens me as it hints at her profile of ‘business as usual’.

Let me pose a couple of situations.   Obamacare is off and running.  You go to your doctor and you get the biometrics done for the baseline of your wellness program.  You do not get along with the doctor, the nurse, the adminstrator, whomever.  They decide to make life difficult for you.  When they enter your data in the coding system, they make a few human errors.  These mistakes make you look obese with poor life habits even though you are a picture of health.  When the healthcare bureaucracy gets your biometrics, the red flags fly.  A severe warning and a harsh regimen of diet and exercise are developed.  This dictum is lost in typical government paperwork.  Before you are notified, you get a non compliance notice which doubles your health care premium.   If you are shaking you head now, then you have never tried to get something from the federal government in a predictable manner.  Try telling the IRS that they have a number wrong some time.

Back to the IRS, what if it is found by the IRS that you owe the ‘fine’ for not having health care.  They just take the money from your bank account.  If no bank account, they garnishee your wages.  What if the IRS is wrong?  Perhaps you pay by cash.  Have you ever tried to get the IRS to back off from an action?  Even better, try to get them to reverse their mistake.

If you think a single payer health care system is the ‘right’ way to operate health care, then ask someone from the middle class in Canada.  Ask why there are fewer and fewer North American trained doctors and nurses in the Canadian health care system.  Ask why doctors in the USA are starting to decline Medicare patients.

If you ask a Canadian about USA healthcare, then you will find a very distorted view of our healthcare.  They do not believe that all trauma cases are treated by emergency rooms irrelevant of means to pay.  They do not understand that we pay into Medicare our whole working lives.   After retirement, we pay monthly for medicare as a deduction from our Social Security check.    Once on Medicare, we pay extra to health insurance companies to compliment Medicare so that most health costs are covered.

If you as an American ask about Canadian healthcare, then again you find misunderstanding.  In Ontario, someone pays for basic healthcare:  the employer, a self employed person, a retired person via a deduction from their OAP (I think).  To use the prescription copay system, you pay a yearly fee.(I think).  The biggest problem is the availability of doctors.  This becomes more critical, the more rural the community.  At best clinics are available in many areas.  In some areas nothing is available.  Many items are not included in the health care program, chemotherapy shots are outside the basic plan and are paid directly or via private insurance which costs about $500 per month.  Americans believe that Canadians pay for no part of their health care, it is all paid magically by the government.  Sorry Charlie.

Do I believe that we need to overhaul our healthcare system.   Definitely.

I do not believe in a health care system devised to address the healthcare of people who do not want it – the American youth, and people who may want it but are not eligible because they are not American citizens – illegal aliens.

I do not know if we can stop this insanity.  It probably is too far down the track.  Just like a ship or train in motion.  Once they start moving, it is difficult to stop that much momentum.  The shame here is that a bunch of lying, thieving politicians are selling out the hard working citizens of the USA, for another 2, 4 or 6 years in office.  We obviously have made it too attractive to be a politician.  Perhaps that is what we should be concentrating on.








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May 2013 IRS hearings

Is it time to ‘connect the dots’?

1) The IRS is targetting the tea party. At todays hearing, NONE of the witnesses could assure the Senate that the practice has actually ended! In fact, the outgoing head claimed that people are in the process of being retrained, and that NONE of those Tea Party requests are being processed until they have new procedures in place. Looks to me like this could take several more years as the NEW temporary IRS head takes time to learn the job.


2) The IRS manager that oversaw the implementation of the practice of targetting the Tea Party for unequal treatment is now setting up procedures for the new Obamacare side of the IRS. While most people realize that new tax forms are comming for individuals, many people do not realize that the IRS will now be DISTRIBUTION subsidies to Insuring entities! This will of course include MANY businesses that SELF-INSURE. Clearly, these entities had best not be challenging any part of Obamacare in any way if they expect FAIR treatment by this political insider.


3) The HHS secratary is demanding that Insurance entities give CASH to LIBERAL tax exempt organizations. While her stated goal is to promote Obamacare, there is NO GUARANTEE that these funds will not be used in the 2014 election cycle to promote Democratic candidates that support Obamacare.

And, of course, NO ONE will be held ACCOUNTABLE and NO LAWS will be BROKEN in this process!

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