About Us

My name is Mike Anderson.  I am Canadian by birth, American by choice.

This blog reflects my personal views on the political landscape and its major players.

Your comments are encouraged as political discussion is the best environment for positive change.  Change  for the benefit of everyone.

Everyone to me means everyone.  Not just the:

  • Washington infastructure of career civil servants and lobbyists.
  • liberals from the north east who always seem to be from old money.
  • entrepreneurs
  • big business owners
  • union worker
  • migrant worker
  • working professional
  • white collar worker
  • blue collar worker
  • working mother
  • stay at home mother
  • poor
  • middle class
  • rich
  • minorities
  • silent majority
  • Christians
  • pro life
  • pro choice
  • socialists
  • capitalists

not just any slice of our society.  Kennedy had it correct in his speech … Ask not what …

I hope Obama had it correct in his speech … There is not a liberal America, not a conservative America, there is the United States of America.

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