Ellis Island Approach Too Effective For Obama Administration

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Back in August we got our panties in a twist over illegal immigration.  Child abuse and profiling and PC ran rampant.  We allowed a large number of children to illegally immigrate (define children is 18 or younger, although many pictures of these children showed older teenagers etc.) and then our government decided to spread them throughout our country.

We did not put these immigrants those established quarantine and health screening as was previously the practice in places like Ellis Island.  Now I understand that Ellis Island was no vacation, but the purpose was to identify the immigrants and prevent the spread of disease throughout the USA.

The result:  472 cases of respiratory infection throughout 41 states and the District of Columbia.  It is my personal opinion that the is a monstrous understatement.  Furthermore there is a version of the virus which causes polio like paralysis and also being treated in numerous states.

We know where it is coming  from:  Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.


I am not a constitutional lawyer, but isn’t it somewhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights or whatever that the President can not willfully do harm to the population of the USA.  Perhaps he will just claim stupidity and blame  it on someone else like every other of the dozens of complete clusterf**ks since the beginning of his unqualified ascendency to President of this once proud nation.

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Sunday, October 5th, 2014 Illegal Immigration

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