New Black Panthers got out the vote, or?

What seems like trillions of dollars ago, we had a national election.  During that election, a Philadelphia voting station was selected for some interesting Democratic activities.  Capitalization meant.  2 members of the New Black Panthers party dressed fully black and waving night sticks encouraged people to vote the straight Democratic ticket.  This activity was recorded by someone and was posted to Youtube. Video is very tame but just what were these people thinking… The police were called and charges were filed.

The court date arrived and 2 of the individuals chose not to appear.  There was a summary judgment of guilty entered by the judge and the legal mill ground onward.  Then along comes the DOJ. The summary judgment is reversed without cause and the charges are dismissed without cause.  No trial.  No I’m sorry.  No I will never do that again.  This is a null issue but the idea of intimidation must be dealt with very seriously.

Can you imagine the uproar if the KKK acting similarly at a voting station in Mississippi?  Do you think the main stream media would ignore that story if the DOJ just tossed the summary judgment conviction aside without explanation.

How about a John Birch society …

Can no one see that this prejudice in the media is going to force polarization of ideologies.  How much will the right tolerate before they take their issues to the next level.  How do we convince the everyday people of the conservative right to remain calm and to not resort to lies and violence when they see the left lying and using intimidation without correction or penalty?

In all fairness, there were reports of conservative interference at some voting stations in the Carolinas and Minnesota.

Most of this issue starts to revolve around a voter ID card.  I do not understand why there is resistance to the federal voter ID card.  Please tell me that the following is not the main reason for the resistance – the Democrats believe that their supporters are more likely to have outstanding warrants and believe that voter registration with ID’s will become a police action to pick individuals who have outstanding warrants.

Please that is not the reason.

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 New Black Panthers

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