Solutions and Clarity not Blame Casting and Disception

My wife loves to watch the Five at five o’clock on Fox. Four conservative and one liberal rehash the news of the day. At least that seems to be the mission statement. I watch with my wife of 46 years because she is my wife of 46 years, but it is boring. I am a Chemical Engineering by formal education. I practiced as a Chemical Engineer for most of my adult life and all of my business life has been about solving problems. I love problems and I love either trying to solve them or hearing about solutions.
It is time for us to demand solutions from our elected representatives and industry leaders. I am not blaming anyone here because we the public are probably the biggest source of problems. We always want something for nothing. People smarter than me have said many times that you get what you pay for and I have yet to set them proven wrong in 67 years.
This article is the beginning of a series of articles which will address a number of problems. To begin with I will look at the big current topics just so that you get a feel for me and my viewpoint on life. Later articles will focus in on the EPA and Environmental issues where I actually might know sometimes and my comments will be more than just opinion.

First up: Immigration and Amnesty.

If I understand amnesty as it has been presented in the main stream media, then any of the 5 to 10 million illegal aliens currently in the USA will be given a free pass around all the paperwork and fees associated with legal immigration. Where does that leave the thousands legal applicants who are either here legally on visas and are upgrading their status to citizen or are patiently waiting in their home country for the approval of their application by Immigration Services. This of course if after payment of the approximately $800 application fee and completion of the application and possibly passing of the entrance exam. What makes the illegal immigrants so special. The only thing that I have seen that is special is the lack of health screening of the thousands of illegal children which overwhelmed our facilities in 2014. This resulting the spreading of a virus, sourced in Honduras, to which our children are not immune.  Some horrible tragedies happened with school children who were in contact with the Honduran illegal immigrant children which our federal government spread throughout our 50 states without the permission or notification to the respective state governments, all in 2014. The problem is processing the illegal immigrants which is cast as inhumane anti-minority by our media and the Democrats. Here are some solutions: return all minors to their respective embassies or consolates. Let their embassies prove that they have legal relatives in the USA and process the associated immigration paperwork on behalf of their citizens. Adult illegals should be deported and told to enter the queue as millions have before them. If this is too heartless, then return them to their embassies for health and background screening. After that is complete then they can be given special work permits which require that they enter the legal immigration queue or they will be deported. Why is this so difficult? Follow the rules which have worked for decades.

Second up: Keystone Pipeline.

I do not understand the arguments against this project as presented by the media and politicians. Is anyone arguing that trains and trucks are safer for the environment than pipelines? Do any of these people realize how many pipelines we already have in the USA? There is no common sense to this issue whatsoever. The actual path of the pipeline could have been resolved in a couple of months not years. Originally I thought that the only reason for opposing this project that I can fathom is one of overall increased world oil utilization and green house gas measurements. Perhaps a second reason is the investment Mr. Waren Buffett has in the train system which currently moves some of the oil that would move by the proposed pipeline. Every quarter delayed, more train revenue for Mr. Warren Buffett, a staunch Obama supporter.

Third Up: China Green House Deal

Let’s call this one, letting China catch up and pass the rest of the developed world. I cannot believe that Germany, Russia, Japan and other European countries agree with this.  We all cut back and China gets a free pass strategy. Amazing.

Fourth Up: Transparency

We rejected George Bush One because of the “read my lips” incident. I am certain that George Bush did not believe that he was going to go back on his promise not to increase taxes. The man was as straightforward and honest as any President in modern history. But Clinton and the second George Bush seem to skirt the truth too often for my liking. Say nothing, but do not lie or mislead me. Our current President seems to have no relationship with the truth whatsoever and I could only wish that lying was an impeachable offense.

That set’s the stage, not on with something that is more than political opinion…

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Friday, November 21st, 2014 Solutions

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